Our Services

Sea freight is a fast and efficient way to get your goods from the source to your door. We provide sea freight shipping for our clients’ products across the globe. It can mean the transport of goods, including consumer goods and foodstuffs, or it may be used to describe the shipping of general merchandise or raw materials.

An air freight service that delivers packages to your home or business. TFS’s Air Freight is the most secure and cost-effective mode of transport in terms of international shipping. It can be used to transport large quantities of cargo while requiring less time than other modes.

Consolidation freight services provide a cost effective solution for your business by consolidating all your deliveries under one account with one service provider. We make it easy for you to understand, bill and manage your freight in one place. At our company we are committed to being a resource in every way possible.

Transparent Freight Services is your trusted partner for customs brokerage services, import and export processing, as well as capacity and risk assessment. As a customs broker, we will act as a link between importers and foreign suppliers to provide you with the lowest cost of importation.

Project Cargo Forwarding a collaborative platform for the entire supply chain. Transparent Freight Services offers its customers with a simple and secure one-stop solution for managing their entire supply chain with all its related processes, from finding the right freight forwarders to monitoring the status of orders at any given time – even while they are moving.

Breakbulk cargo is a shipping term which refers to the physical size of transportable goods. Break bulk cargo is a great option for delivering furniture and equipment that are heavy, bulky or fragile. Our break bulk service makes it easy for you to ship heavy machinery, machinery parts or building materials throughout most parts of the world.

Warehousing & Distribution is the heart of any business. Transparent Freight Services specializes in making this happen for both large & small companies. Our dedicated warehouse & distribution professionals hold the key to success for you. As a Warehouse and Distribution Service Provider, we provide storage and transportation for businesses in need of a high-class storage facility.

Transparent Freight Services provides Relocation services for your business, home, or your whole family. We are a professional relocation service provider and we take pride in our exceptional customer service. Our team has mastered several relocation strategies to ensure that your move is seamless, stress-free and as simple as possible for you.